Our Specially formulated Commercial teat dips are made with Glycerin, In order to provide excellent skin conditioning properties when used.

DYNA-MAX Commercial 110

A premium 1% iodine with 10% Glycerine.  Dyna-Max 110 is best suited for a post-dip in Dairy Production operations that face high organic challenges due to adverse weather or overcrowding.

DYNA-PLEX Commercial 105

A 1% Iodine with 5% Glycerine teat dip formulated for Pre and Post dipping applications.

DYNA-PLEX Commercial 102

A 1% Iodine with 2% glycerine teap dip for pre & post dipping applications

DYNA-MAX Commercial 505

A dual purpose pre and post milking teat dip consisting of .5% Iodine, with 5% Glycerine. As a result, this is a great product for skin conditioning in adverse weather conditions.

DYNA-PLEX Commercial 502

A dual purpose Teat dip consisting of .5% Iodine with 2% Glycerine. 2% glycerin provides good skin conditioning during most weather conditions or in climate controlled housing. Dyna-Max Commercial 505-A