Dairy Dynamics focuses on production dairy agriculture and maintains a small research herd of dairy cattle. Dairy Dynamics’ product line is manufactured under strict quality control guidelines and adheres to the dictates of regulatory agencies such as the FDA, EPA, DOT, among others.

Dairy Dynamics is owned and operated by Jim Sewell at the plant in Union, Illinois, right in the heart of dairy country.  Dairy Dynamics has been supplying commercial dairies with industrial-strength sanitation products and delivering outstanding services since 2002.

Jim says his career in the dairy industry started “where the manure meets the concrete” as a dairy manager for a commercial herd over 30 years ago. For decades, he managed large dairies in the Midwest and Southwest.

Jim embarked on a career path that ultimately led him to establish Dairy Dynamics, a 36,000-square foot facility manufacturing nearly 100 products for key dairy markets across the U.S. But 30 years ago, that future was only a glimmer in the eye of an uncharacteristically ambitious young man working hard to feed his family. First things first, he had a lot of mucking around to do managing large commercial dairy herds.

Jim’s start began, he says, “in the place where the manure meets the concrete.” Today he utilizes an intimate knowledge of the important role dairy chemical manufacturers play in the livelihoods of hardworking people, because those are his own roots, too. Jim knows that Dairy Dynamics customers rely on quality products to keep their herds healthy, thriving, and productive. That’s a role he takes seriously, and he has the satisfied customers to prove it.

After a decade working in fields, barns, and elevators, Jim accepted a position with a dairy chemical manufacturer and took to the road, traveling the nation to establish a new product line among farmers and managers. He learned their struggles and triumphs, found solutions to the same kind of problems he knew firsthand from his own days on dairies, and made lasting friendships over the years.

Jim found fulfillment in the work of helping people like himself to keep animals healthy, operations running smoothly, and dinner on the table for their families.

With time and hard work, Jim proved a valuable asset, and the company’s leadership took note. They asked him to serve as the Senior Vice President of one of the largest dairy chemical manufacturers in the industry. Ambitious as ever, Jim accepted the challenge.

>He was now responsible for manufacturing, sales, and marketing. During a formidable leg of his journey, Jim gained wisdom about what it takes to lead a dairy chemical manufacturing operation.

But soon he found that the white-collar life lacked the vitality he’d felt when working in the field, getting to know people and their product needs firsthand. Jim began to dream of running his own operation, where he envisioned more personal connections with customers, but where he’d still be able to utilize the whole breadth of his knowledge.

He founded Dairy Dynamics in 2002 in Chicago. Jim was its owner and operator, but he was also its sole employee.

“I put in every dollar of my savings, called in every favor, and worked long days every day of the week for two years straight to get Dairy Dynamics up and running,” Jim remembers. He found talented R&D chemists to help him develop the Dairy Dynamics product line. Then he hit the road again, this time more motivated than ever before, to drum up interested customers, most of whom are still loyal to Dairy Dynamics to this day.