Dairy Dynamics manufactures our udder health products in strict compliance with FDA protocols. Therefore, we use only the most effective germicides and skin conditioners in our Barrier Teat Dips, which combat a variety of challenges on the working dairy.


1% Iodine barrier teat dip uses the Aloe Plex skin conditioning system incorporating 10% Propylene Glycol, AloeVera, Glycerin, and Lanolin. Therefore, Bio-Secure is an excellent choice for situations where organic challenges on dairies is high due to wet, muddy conditions.


Contains two active ingredients that are highly effective against coliform bacteria. Besides that, the skin conditioning package includes Glycerin, Aloe-vera, and Propylene Glycol. In contrast to the other Barrier teat dips TDX-84 is non-iodine. It’s bright orange color makes for easy visibility on  cow’s teats.

Dioxide I & II Barrier

A two part Chlorine Dioxide barrier teat dip. As a result of this broad spectrum germicide provide fast and efficient control of
mastitis causing organisims. Because of this, excellent skin conditioning is provided with a 10% glycerin skin conditioning system.